Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wholesale Co-op

I will be working on compiling the order requests from all the ladies for our order to Webster's Pages. If you have any questions, please email me.


  1. Hi Tamara, Just let me now when you have the specifics worked out for you wholesale co-op. I can paypal you or whatever you want. By the way I love your Shi Tzu picture. I have three of my own. I love the little guys! Thanks again e-mail is

  2. Hi Tamara
    I have sent you an email today with regard to the wholesale co-op, if you need to contact me you will be able to at that email address. Thanks again, Janet

  3. Hi Tamara,

    If there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask... I'm not sure what I can do but a little bit of help here and there can't hurt. Are you going to use paypal? Probably best to use PP. Are you going to order 8x8 pads? The reason I'm asking is that 12x12 shipping to Canada may be expensive (large box) but 8x8's (smaller box) bring the cost down a bit. Another thing... should I be letting you know what I want or wait to see what you have?
    Here is my email.